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Sponsored Article: Camon CX Manchester City limited edition cameras are the best yet

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In photography, light plays a very important role and can, in fact, be the difference between a stunning photo and a noisy photo. Often people have mistaken a photo taken with a very good smartphone for a computer-generated image due to their good lighting techniques.

One of such spectacular smartphones that can capture mesmerizing photos is the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition. The 16MP rear camera of the device comes with an innovative ring flash system that creates effects which evenly absorbs darkness and produces images that are 40% brighter than that captured using other smartphones.

Indoor pictures taken with the 16MP back camera

The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition camera flashlights are 200% softer, such that pictures taken either during the day or at night come out bright, colorful and without the red-eye effect. Combining “4 in 1” technology, four images taken with different exposures of the same moment by the camera are combined into an optimal one, delivering photography which is 30% brighter.

Wide Angle 16MP front camera of the Camon CX Limited Edition
The 16MP front camera of the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition comes with dual flashlight that possesses double intensity and is optimized to capture beautiful selfies in lowlight.

We all know that it is very difficult to get clear, breathtaking pictures in lowlight however, the Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition cameras have been built to cater for this challenge. Built in with a customized ring flash in the rear, with little or no knowledge about lighting you can use the smartphone to record or capture your nightlife in astonishing ways without bothering about how to adjust the camera settings.

Picture taken in the Night with the Camon CX 16MP camera

Selfie picture taken in low-light with the 16MP front camera

Amazing close-up shots from the Camon CX Limited camera
That is not all, If you buy a TECNO Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition, you’re not only buying a gadget that is packed with amazing 4GB RAM, enormous 64GB ROM and a remarkable camera quality but you are also buying the most beautiful phone available.

You also have Manchester City branded items like selfie stick, Bluetooth speaker and water bottle when you buy the phone from SLOT retail outlets nearest to you. The Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition retails for N95, 000 at all SLOT outlets in Nigeria. So Hurry up as today is the last day to pre-order the device.





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