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SPONSORED: 5 Top Reasons to Love the New TECNO Spark.

Just like all TECNO phones are stylishly built and designed from quality materials, the new TECNO Spark is even much more; it is a must buy for all students. Here’s why:

  • Its stylishness is like no other

The fingerprint behind the phone has been carefully placed, which makes it look too sleek to be a budget phone. Right over the fingerprint sensor is the camera and the flashlight starring happily in our faces, as it promises to stand the test of time.

  • It is perfectly handy

TECNO Spark is a 5.5-inch device, slim enough to fit into any palm and pocket. The plastic cased device will not scratch easily, and like all other TECNO phones, it does not lack on durability.

  • It can do all things through the manufacturers who strengthened it

The TECNO Spark has been well built with highly durable materials that have made it tough for rougher falls. It has a plastic body, with a back that can be opened, and the battery space accessed for sim cards and SD Cards to be inserted and removed. However, the battery is irremovable.

  • It takes the Dopest pictures

Its 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras are doing way better than expected. Amazingly, it comes with manual settings that can be edited to suit the kind of environments you want to take your pictures in.

  • It is highly affordable

The TECNO Spark retails 32,800 naira, and it is available in all retail outlets near you. Testimonies have been received from buyers, and the device is selling out very fast.



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