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SpeakerHats?? I am Officially Done!

Yes! I am officially done with tech companies that create weird gadgets like this one:

Because I can’t for the life of me understand the logic behind them.

Now, Atari, a company known for creating home gaming consoles has joined the weird gang by creating SpeakerHats, which is literally a hat with speakers in the bill of the cap.

Check it out:

The SpeakerHat is powered by Audiowear.


It also features a microphone and Bluetooth support for connecting to devices and would come with a multiplayer mode which will enable multiple users to listen to a single audio stream over Bluetooth.

The target audience?

Fitness enthusiasts.

Yeah, I don’t still get it, I don’t get why someone would wear one of these (If you do, let me know, please?).



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