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Someone Tried to Slice Through the Galaxy S8’s Battery to See If It Would Explode.

After the Note 7 debacle, Samsung still went ahead to use lithium-ion batteries in the Galaxy S8 series, what they did differently, though, was to harden the battery so it won’t explode under destructive situations. To put this to test, popular YouTube channel “What’s inside” and JerryRigEverything tried to slice through the Galaxy S8 which also meant slicing through its battery.

Did the battery explode during this process?

Of course, it






Instead of catching fire, the battery emitted smoke, you could also see that it became bloated. But no fire whatsoever.

Samsung Mobile, after watching the video:

This won’t fully bring back people’s confidence in Samsung phones after the Note 7 issues, but it’s a good start for Samsung.


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