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This Is One Photo-editing App I Cannot Do Without.

It is not every time an app makes me feel excited, but this app did all that and so much more. If you don’t have it installed on your android or iOS devices, please, what in tech’s name have you been doing?


If you have, you’d understand these feelings a bit more. Meet the app that I literally can’t do without on my Smartphone, say hi to Google’s Snapseed, a not-so-new-but-badass photo editing app.


Just so you know, I use Snapseed to edit the RAW pictures (Yes! It supports RAW pictures) I use for my phone reviews.FotorCreated

The best part? It is free! Although the newbies might have an issue using the app at first, but once you get a hang of it, you’d enjoy the experience.

I will not be covering every aspect of Snapseed (Cos it’s a lot), but I’d let you in on my “go to” edit tools. The first thing you must know about Snapseed is that the interface is fully gestural, and by that, I mean it uses the same gestures you use to do everything else on your smartphone – swipe left and right or up and down, or pinch and zoom.



For my photos, I mainly use tune image, details, and some filters. With tune image, you can bring life to your pictures by increasing its brightness, contrast, ambiance and many others. Details will allow you to add some sharpening to your images.

You can play around with other effects too.


Let’s say you want to apply an effect to a portion of the picture, but not all, say, you want to apply a grayscale effect to the picture while leaving a particular portion colored. Like in the image below:


There is a handy trick you can use, first you would need to apply an effect or filter, for this tutorial, I will be applying a grayscale filter.

Next, I’d click on the box icon on the top screen. (Like in the image below)


This will bring out a window, just select the filter/effect  you wish to re-edit (It could be any filter/effect), then select the brush icon.


The image will be reverted to the old one,  To apply the effect, use your fingers to brush the parts you want in grayscale, like so:

In case you make a mistake while brushing, just decrease the effect to zero and erase your mistakes using the same brush technique, pretty cool!


With this, you’d have achieved an effect that can only be done on apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and others.


There are plenty more filters and options that you can try out and some powerful options for selectively editing files with the selective and brush tools. Once you’ve finished playing, just hit the “Done” button and Snapseed will export your file as a new version — you won’t lose your original file.

After trying other photo-editing apps, I can tell you that Snapseed is da Shiznit!!


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