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Skype Gets the Short End of the Stick After Redesigning the App to Look Like Snapchat.

Microsoft joined the copycat gang in June, but they should have just stuck with what they had.

Instead of receiving the warm reception and usage Instagram received when it copied, Skype users have been busy tearing it down. If you check the Google play store right now, you’d see a lot of comments like this:

“This new app is absolutely terrible.Skype is mostly used by people for professional use or for connecting with friends far away. This looks as far from simple and professional as it can be. Skype does NOT need to be Snapchat.”

That is not all, Skype recent ratings are currently dominated by 1 or 2-star rating in the Google play store and the app store.

Skype, haven’t you heard:

Or this

I could go on and on. 

Meanwhile, this is Snapchat right now:



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