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Update: See If You Can Tell The Difference Between A Real And Fake iPhone

All hail our Chinese brothers. I don’t know how many of you have seen a phone replica, if you have, then you’d understand that the guys in charge of making them deserves to be _______________ (Insert what you feel).

Now imagine if you came across a replica, there is a big possibility that you won’t be able to tell the difference at first glance because of the impressive similarities it has with the original. Still feeling like Sherlock Holmes? How about you look at the iPhone images below and tell me which image is the original or replica. (Left image or Right image?)


Fullscreen capture 14-09-2015 092518


IMAGE 2: ACCESSORIESFullscreen capture 14-09-2015 092616



Fullscreen capture 14-09-2015 092705


iphone 2




So who can tell the difference and spot the fake iPhone?

P.S: In less than 24hrs, this article will be updated to reveal the answer and also provide pointers.


Alright guys, this was meant to confuse you and based on the comments, it did confuse you.

For starters, for the fake iPhone package and accessories, if you selected left, you deserve this:


At least for trying, because you totally got it wrong.

Meanwhile for the phone design and others, if you selected right for the Fake iPhone, you also deserve what your fellow commenters got above.

So what are the pointers:

1. For the packaging and accessories: There are usually two holes in the inner packaging of the iPhone, one for  the logo and the other for the camera. Also, In the original iPhone package, there are three spaces for accessories whereas in the fake you only have two.

2. When it comes to the phone, the apple logo is non-reflecting, meaning that it isn’t *glassy* like the first image. Also, the text at the back of an iPhone is very much below.

2. Lastly, the Diameter of an original iPhone camera is wide from inside whereas in the fake it is straight and is the same as it from outside, Also, the flash of a real apple iPhone is light yellow and is broad whereas in the fake apple iPhone it is yellow and the size of the Led flash is narrow.



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