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See How Many Seconds You Spend Untangling Your Earphones

You know how annoying it is when our earphones get tangled?


It turns out that an individual spends 3.5 days of his entire life untangling an earphone. This is according to Edward Aten.

Based on a study he carried out, he untangles his earphones 4 times a day. 3 of those untangling moments are done quickly while the last takes longer. The quick ones take about 4 seconds and the complex ones take about 20 seconds. This means that on a daily estimate, he spends about 32 seconds untangling earphones.



Grab your calculator, there is more! Based on the fact that he has worn his earphones for 9,360 days and multiplied with his daily estimates, he has spent 299,520 seconds of his life untangling his earphone and that is nearly 3 and a half days (3.4666) of his entire life and yours too (If you use his algorithm)..

Even though this figure might be slightly exaggerated, it shows us how much of a world problem tangled earphones are.


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