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Say Hi to the Worlds Dumbest App

LookFor officially crowned the Worlds dumbest app:  by MissTechy ( Nigeria’s Female Tech Blogger)

Wondering about the title of this post? yeah I was like this -__- when I first saw Lookfor. Have you ever thought about the world’s best, fastest, simpliest, & most effective app in its category? Well, I have. But what I didn’t expect to find in that rank range is the Worlds dumbest app, because why would anybody in this 21st century CREATE or even INSTALL A DUMB APP???

Apparently Logan Riley ( the developer of this app ) didnt think so. I hereby introduce to you the Worlds Dumbest App: Lookfor, Here is how it works, The app just turns your smartphones into a blinking colored light, based on the color selected, as in that is just it… nothing else oh my people.


Now do you agree that is dumb?  I bet you are nodding your head right now..Nice! 🙂 . So why would anybody want to install a light blinker on their phone!?  According to Logan Riley, He said the app can be used to find your friends in a crowded place ( Events, bars, cinema and what have you) where you probably don’t have service or signal.. Cnet.com wrote that “big events are often too noisy for people to notice when they’re being called or texted, and if more than one group has the brilliant idea to use their phone’s flashlight, that functionality is pretty useless. With six different color options, LookFor users are less likely to have a different group using the same app and color combination, making it easier to find whomever you’re looking for, especially if you’ve arranged a general meeting location?  Do you still think the app is dumb?.

Seriously, I appreciate the innovation and thought process… but I really don’t think this app can work in Nigeria or some developed countries for that matter. Imagine if everybody starts using this app, how do we now tell who is who?

Now guess what…..wait for it ..

still wait for it..

okay I can’t hold it anymore…

THE APP HAS A PAID VERSION SOLD FOR $0.99.. Whaaat!. He has to be joking. Why would we pay for that when my flashlight app can do the same thing.

Thumbs up tho Logan Riley. If you want to check it out, you can download the FREE version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dbdev.lookforme

If you have Data, kindly watch the app video.. I like it. You would too 🙂

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