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Who Saw This Coming? Alphabet Now Has a Cybersecurity Company.

To be honest:

I don’t think anyone did! But it is here!

Alphabet now has a new company under Google X called Chronicle (This is the third X business to spin out from Google X following Waymo and Verily). Chronicle is a cybersecurity company that is aimed at helping companies find, track and stop cyber attacks. Chronicle is composed of two parts, a cybersecurity and analytics platform, as well as a malware intelligence service called VirusTotal (Acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum in 2012). One of Chronicle’s USPs is the use of Machine learning to find patterns that may go unnoticed by humans.

By the way, the company has already launched a website and I love the URL—chronicle.security.

For those who are excited about this, especially their VirusTotal offering:

Chronicle says it is offering “select enterprise customers” the chance to get early access to the company’s services; however, no words on when it will be available to everyone.

Meanwhile, as far as the business itself is concerned, I’d wager that Chronicle has pretty decent odds at making a dent in the cybersecurity market that is already occupied by players like Symantec, Sophos, and Cisco, to name a few.


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