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Save Data: See How To Disable Autoplay Videos On Facebook, Twitter, & Other Websites.

Last week, I had issues with the modem that offered me unlimited downloads every month, so I decided to use my phone as a  hotspot. Since it was Etisalat, I subscribed to the N1000 for N1GB data plan and all was right with the world. Then it started!

Some websites I was visiting via my laptop had some auto-play videos, websites like Facebook, TWITTER, and its vines, and other websites/blogs that had videos ads (videos ads can be pretty annoying) before I knew it, the 1GB data I just bought got exhausted in just a few hours.

Prior to this, I was never bothered  since I was on an unlimited plan but with just 1GB data to manage, I had to quickly stop the data thieves from making me go bankrupt – I later realized that a lot of people might be experiencing this problem, so this is a little tutorial for you to save your precious data.

This is for those auto-play ads on websites. In order to disable autoplay videos on your Chrome browser, click on the Menu (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner and select “Settings.” It will take you to the settings panel.

Disable Autoplay Videos

Once in the settings panel, scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings…” It will expand the advanced settings that you can manage for your browser.

Disable Autoplay Videos 2

You should now see a button that says “Content settings…”  under privacy, Click on it

Disable Autoplay Videos 3

On the next screen, under the “Plug-ins” header, there’s an option that says “Click to play.” Just tick-mark this option and then click on “Done.” Voila, those annoying auto-play videos will no longer darken your footsteps.

  • On your Firefox browser, enter this address “about:config”  in your address bar.
  • Among the different categories listed, click on“Plugins”
  • On the plugin page, you should see a plugin named “Shockwave Flash.” Click on the drop-down menu and select “ask to activate”. And that is that!

Disable Autoplay Videos On Facebook


  • Go to your options drop-down menu in the top right.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Select the “Videos” link on the left.
  • Turn the “Auto-Play Videos” from “ON” to “OFF”

On Phones and tablet apps:
You can adjust your auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. To do this

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Tap your phone’s menu button
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Video Auto-play
  • Choose an option


Disable Autoplay Videos On Twitter

On PC:

  • Go to Twitter and log in to your profile
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Account
  • Scroll down to Content and locate Video Tweets
  • Uncheck Video autoplay
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom

On iOS:

  • Launch Twitter iOS app on your iPhone/iPad
  • Select Me tab at the lower right-hand corner
  • Tap the gear icon
  • Tap Settings,
  • Go to General and tap Video autoplay
  • Change “Use mobile data and Wi-Fi” to “Use Wi-Fi Only” or simply select “Never play videos automatically” to disable the feature completely.
  • Go back and tap “Done to save changes

Do let me know if this tutorial was useful.


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