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Samsung Leaks The Galaxy X “Accidentally.”

We all know the leak isn’t an accident, but let’s play pretend.

Anyway, the Galaxy X would soon be upon us, and the assumption is based on this:

A Galaxy X support page found on Samsung’s Korean site.

Both the support page and the NRRA certification reference model number SM-G888N0, which is the Korean model of the phone. While the support page doesn’t reveal any specifications about the phone itself (save for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications, and one from the South Korean NNRA), it does confirm that Samsung is plotting something eXy.

As for the launch date, we might be looking at an early launch, which could coincide with January’s CES 2018. I personally can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store, and I pray it doesn’t look anything close to this:




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