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RIP Internet Explorer (1995-2015)

RIP Internet Explorer

For a while now, the Internet Explorer has been in bad health given the fact that  people who once made it so popular dumped it to cling to other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and even Opera :'( It finally died after serving a short tenure from 1995 – 2015.  The cause of the death was revealed by Microsoft, they claimed that a popular disease called Rebranding struck the IE leaving it no chance to survive,  This news has really made me feel bad, as a matter of fact, I am in tears and my heart is broken, I feel so sad to know that the Friend that has been with me since the beginning died and I can’t do anything about it.. oh what sorrow, what tragedy.

The Internet Explorer is survived by his family members, The Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. May his soul rest-in-peace.

Okay enough of the theatrics,

 This is how I really feel about this:

RIP Internet Explorer

I am confident that most people are glad to witness the demise of the IE after years of living with the slowest browser in the World.

But on a more serious note though:

Who was there at the beginning of your Internet Life?

Who was there for you when you needed to install Firefox and Chrome?

Who was there when you went to Cyber Cafes to browse that year?

As a matter of fact, If you are  happy about this then you shouldn’t complain when your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you for a rich man/lady, cos that is what you all are doing to the poor internet Explorer.

Moving on, Microsoft is reportedly investing a lot of time to make sure their new Browser (Spartan) comes with so many functionalities lacking in the Internet Explorer.

However, whether we admit it or not, we would all miss the Internet Explorer.

RIP Internet Explorer

My dear IE, I really thank you for all those times you let me download Chrome and Firefox, May the Internet gods keep you in their bosom :'(

I am going to leave you with one important thing the Internet Explorer taught us.

RIP Internet Explorer

Source: http://derp-patrol.tumblr.com/post/102722618816

My condolences to Microsoft, Kindly pay your tributes.


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