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Remember the Music Recognition Feature Exclusive to the Pixel 2? You Can Get It Right Now On Your Device.

Alright, classwork!

I want you to play a song (preferably on another gadget/device), long press on the home button to launch your Google assistant, then, say this — “What is playing right now”

If Google recognizes your accent, which I am sure it would, you should have something that looks like this:


And in a couple of seconds, get the song that is playing.


Yes, Google, being Google is bringing the “what’s this song” music identification functionality that was exclusive to the Pixel 2 phones to other devices.

There were times I got the “I can’t identify songs yet” response, but if you try again you might be lucky.

So, is this another reason to uninstall Shazam?

For now, that should be a big NO! Because Shazam still works better and faster, but in a few months, Google could give people a reason to uninstall Shazam.



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