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Join MissTechy In Unboxing The RedMi 2

Yasss!!! The most talked about phone manufacturer for this month – Xiaomi is available in Nigeria exclusively to Jumia. Trust MissTechy to get you firsthand information.

For now, I am going to be unboxing the RedMi 2.

You know that feeling of taking the device out of the box, peeling that little protective cover? That is one of the best feelings ever, it’s like finding a treasure.


Redmi 2 unboxing

For those who haven’t gotten the device and might want to get one, Let me be your eyes and hands. See the RedMi 2 from my point of view. You ready for this?!

P.S:  As at the time of writing this, I kept on hearing music in my head hence the little lyrics in my post. Disclaimer: It had nothing to do with the device.


When you first get your order from Jumia, you might be tempted to return the package for fear that they’d given you a perfume box because that is exactly how the RedMi 2 packaging can appear.

Redmi Unboxing (1)

It comes in a simple box made of recycled paper

Redmi Unboxing (2)

There are next to no markings on the device, aside from the Mi logo on the top right and the sticker containing basic specs on the rear.

She too simple, she too humble

Unboxing it gives you an access to all the goodies Xiaomi has to offer, the packaging is so simple, you have:

  • The Real MVP himself, the Redmi 2

Redmi Unboxing (5)

  • USB Cable & charger

Redmi Unboxing (7)

  • User Manual & Warranty Card.

Redmi Unboxing (22)

Did you notice I didn’t mention earphones? I didn’t because the RedMi 2 doesn’t come with earphones – Pretty sad. I was dying to see their earphones.

I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

After putting aside the accessories, take a minute to stare at the reason you had to quickly visit Jumia to place an order before the dreaded out of stock sign, you will immediately notice something, Xiaomi Redmi 2 doesn’t boast of groundbreaking design but it’s without doubt a solidly built device

Redmi Unboxing (9)


The body is made of plastic and the pure white color / black combination does give a very premium look.

Redmi Unboxing (11)


She carry front, she carry back, she too package

The front panel features a 4.7-inch 720p fully-laminated IPS display that has AGC Dragontrail glass protection.

Redmi Unboxing (10)

You have an upgraded 2MP front-facing camera seated at the left corner with your proximity sensor and your LED light placed just below the Home key – It  lights up to alert you whenever there’s a new notification or  a low battery.

Redmi Unboxing (13)

It has dual Mics for noise cancellation and like the Redmi 1S, the Redmi 2 also comes with 3 red colored dedicated navigational capacitive buttons.

Redmi Unboxing (14)

Girl your behind is a killer.

The Redmi 2 sports a removable back cover, The back cover is matte texture finished and wraps around the edge, it is also easy to pull off, thanks to the small opening at the right-hand side.

Redmi Unboxing (11)

The back of the phone also features an 8MP camera lens that slightly protrudes out, an LED flash and a speaker outlet in addition to some Mi branding.

Redmi Unboxing (16)

Started from the Bottom

The metallic power and volume rocker keys are conveniently located at the right edge.

Redmi Unboxing (15)

While in the bottom part, the USB port, mic and easy to remove back cover hole is placed.

Redmi Unboxing (12)

Finally, we have the 3.5mm headset jack gently placed at the top of the device


Would you let me see beneath your beautiful

When you remove the back cover, you are immediately greeted with the removable 2200mAh battery. The phone has dual SIM card support with 4G LTE  on both SIM, can someone say a Hallelujah?!

Redmi Unboxing (17)



Powering it on gives you a glimpse into the Xiaomi’s world? What did I notice?  They had only Asian countries, no African countries listed.

Update: After using the device for about 20 minutes, I got an OTA upgrade that had other country listing including Africa. By the way, stay glued for the full review, I promise you, it will be far from what you’d expect

Redmi Unboxing (20)With some never before seen features i.e. Dual mic for noise cancellation, 4G LTE, LED Ligh Placement on both SIMs etc. I have an inkling that the RedMI 2 will be an interesting device to review.

What I didn’t like 

  • No Earphones
  • The manual didn’t have an English version. ( But who reads manuals these days, yeah?)

As usual, let me know your thoughts and what you want to see in the full review.


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