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Ready, Set, Files Go: Google Has Officially Launched Files Go App! But Here’s Why You Might Still Need to Keep Your File Manager App!

I was once an ES File Explorer advocate until they ruined the app with a lot of bloatware and intrusive advertising mechanisms.

ES File Explorer:

Then I switched to Solid Manager and Total Commander, but the experience (to an extent) isn’t as good as ES File Explorer. Now, Google has officially launched Files Go (after several weeks in Beta), which looks like another file manager application, but Files Go’s major objective is to keep your phone clean by removing unwanted files.

The Play store description says that the app can do the following:

  • Help you free up more space using Google’s mobile vision technology.
  • Suggest removing apps.
  • Recognize and help you remove the spam & duplicate images.
  • Find your important documents without cumbersome and manual effort.
  • Share your files offline – fast & secure – with the tap of a button.

In other words, it’s a file cleaner app with the exception of the ability to share your files between friends offline, but here is one major reason why you still need to keep your favorite File Manager app — Files Go doesn’t allow you to move your files, delete empty folders, or view the folder structure via a hierarchy tree.

However, it’s a lightweight app that is easy to use, and to an extent, I like it!! But do I like it enough to delete Total Commander or Solid Manager?

Google wouldn’t even want that. 

Over to you, do you like Files Go and would you dump your current file manager app for it?

You can download by clicking on this link. 


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