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How Would You Rate Mozilla’s, Sorry, Moz://a’s New Logo: 😊 or 😕 ?

MOZILLA, the non-profit organization in charge of maintaining Firefox has undergone a major revamp that changes almost everything, and by that, I mean, logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and imagery.



Coming to the changes that have taken place: The logo is the one that stands out the most. Now, the letters “ill” in the Mozilla name have been replaced with the colon and slashes that form any web address. In other words, Mozilla is now  Moz://a. Next, the color palette has received a change as well and the new scheme lays focus on the highlight colors that are used in Firefox as well as other browsers. (You can read more about other changes here.)

Back to the logo, here is the old one:



… And the new:



I can’t decide if the new logo looks thr://ing or s://y. So, I’d leave it to you guys.

😊 or 😕?


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