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Protect the MacBook: Malware on MacBooks is On The Rise.

I suppose that nobody here believes that Macs are immune to viruses or malware. For those who still think that way:

Shame on you.

McAfee Threat Report has revealed that the number of Malware cases targeting Macs has grown by 53% over the first quarter of 2017 and by 744% in 2016.


The reason for the increase? Adware bundling β€” attacks often executed via exploits in browser security, or Web plugin vulnerabilities, which tricks users into downloading, running, and authorizing malware with admin privileges. These attacks are now targeted at browsers that run MacOS.

So, how do you protect the MacBook? Install an anti-malware app. I recommend Malwarebytes, a free but effective malware removal app.Β 

On the flip side, the growth in Mac malware is still nothing compared to the amount of malware for Windows that McAfee identified. McAfee detected nearly 700 million instances of malware on Windows PCs compared to just over 700,000 on Mac.

Apple fanboys to Windows’:


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