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Do You Prefer On-screen Or Physical/Capacitive Buttons On Your Smartphone(s)?

One thing an iPhone fanboy might miss after switching to Android (That would be a big switch) is the mental comfort of punching the home button. Nowadays, most Android phones have capacitive buttons (In case you don’t know, they are hardware keys that are integrated into the phone body) or on-screen buttons (The opposite of capacitive buttons, they are software buttons integrated into the phone OS.)

physical versus capacitive

Having used all kinds of smartphones, I still have moments where I get confused especially after playing an intense game. I don’t know about you, but like the iPhone fanboy, I am being wired to automatically press the home button instead of swiping upwards to bring up the on-screen buttons. But for others, it is quite the opposite.

So, I am throwing this open, and yes, I’d be starting with myself. In case you’ve not figured, I like my physical/capacitive buttons majorly because I feel it is such a waste of screen space using an on-screen button.

What about you, which do you prefer?


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