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Phone Addiction of Life: Man misses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because He was texting

Meet the Man Who missed out on a big moment because he was texting: By MissTechy

We all can testify that once we start engaging with our smartphones, it would take a lot to break up that engagement… I mean, I am a living proof, so it is no shocker to me when I read on ABC news that a certain man (name withheld) missed what could have been the most important moment in his life (seeing a humpback Whale surface mere feet away from where he was sitting) because he was busy texting.

Guys do you know how much this man would have made from taking pictures of this?? The Photographer Eric Smith, who captured the moment from a whale-watching excursion, felt bad for the texting man. He also said the man never once looked up from his phone even after the Whale dunked back in.

Even if I think this tops the chart of the worst Phone Addiction ever.. I believe some of us would definitely be guilty of this act. So the question is.. “If you were in his shoes. and you were chatting with the most beautiful man or woman in your life …  would you have missed this?


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