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This Is the Percentage of Users Who Use Android Oreo. Spoiler Alert: You Won’t Be Surprised.

Android Oreo has finally passed the 1% adoption mark, and guess what?


Reason being that Android Nougat took the same number of months — 5 months—before it passed the 1% mark.

However, despite Android Nougat’s initial slow adoption rate, it is now the most widely used OS— it gained 2.2 points to 28.5 percent, whereas Android Marshmallow went down by 0.5 points to 28.1 percent.

So, it’d be safe to assume that Android Oreo might have the same track record.

As far as the ranks are concerned:

Android Nougat takes the first place coming in at 28.5%, Marshmallow comes in at second place, Lollipop in third, KitKat fourth, Jellybean in fifth and our dear Oreo in Sixth. We still have ICS in seventh and Gingerbread in eight, but:

So, are you part of the 1.1% or the 28.5%?

Me: 1.1%




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