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This Is the Percentage of People Who Use Smartphones in Nigeria (According to Google).

Google’s Connected Consumer Study is a platform under the Think with Google initiative that provides key insights about audiences, consumer trends and technology shifts in the market.


Not only did the latest report reveal the percentage of people who use Smartphones in Nigeria, it also revealed the Internet penetration in the country as well as other insights.  According to the study, only 23% of Nigerians use computers in 2017. What’s more is the fact that only 53% of Nigerians use smartphones, this number is lower than South Africa’s 60% but higher than Kenya’s 43%.

The report further reveals the internet penetration in selected African countries:

Nigeria is at 63%.
Kenya is at 53%, and
South Africa at 65%.

Out of the 63%, only 23% of Nigerians access the Internet daily.


It’s no news that data gathering, especially in a country like ours, is a difficult task due to the different methodologies used in gathering data, which always leads to discrepancies in the results, but would you be inclined to go with Google’s results, or do you think the 53% should be a lot higher?


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