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People Are Sharing Alleged Images of A 60-Inch Apple TV, And I Shudder When I Think About How Much it Could Cost.

(Old + New) rumors have it that Apple could be working on a TV.
A 60-inch OLED TV to be precise.
The images posted onto Weibo (via Benjamin Geskin; via 9to5Mac) showed what looks like a prototype that is being tested.
As for the authenticity of these images, there is a big chance that this is fake because, for one, the photos are blurry and as 9to5Mac notes, televisions are a highly competitive business which means that for a company that enjoys high-profit margins, creating a device that will last users for years on end doesn’t seem like something Apple would do.
But let’s imagine for a moment that this is real, how much do you think this could cost?
Can I hear a $3500?!


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