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Online Piracy in The UK May Soon Attract A 10-year Jail Term.

Person 1: How long are you sentenced?
Person 2: 10 years. You?
Person 1: 10 years.
Person 2: What did you do?
Person 1: I killed a man. How about you?
Person 2: I downloaded a movie.


A new bill that is inching closer to becoming a law in the UK seeks to jail online pirates with sentences reserved for hardened criminals. At the moment, physical pirates (CDs, DVDs) can be jailed for up to 10 years; now they are looking to mete out the same punishment to online pirates.

According to Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport:

We will help businesses from attacks on their intellectual property. Burglars can be sentenced to ten years in prison, but the criminal gangs that are making vast sums of money through exploiting the online creations of others only face a two-year sentence. We will increase this to ten.

If you find yourself visiting the UK anytime soon, you might want to avoid torrenting or anything close to that.


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