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OnePlus 5: So, Phone Companies Cheat Benchmark Scores?

I didn’t want to talk about the OnePlus 5 launch because they don’t have a brand presence in Africa, but I had to talk about this one since it applies to every phone brand in Nigeria— yes, I am looking at you Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, InnJoo, iTel  to name a few.

It appears that OnePlus was caught cheating benchmark scores (again) with the OnePlus 5. XDA revealed that the company has been inappropriately manipulating benchmark scores.


The claim is, OnePlus 5 is targeting specific benchmarks by name  (Antutu, GeekBench, AndroBench & others) so that when it detects that it is being run on these benchmarks, it will try to boost its performance in order to gain a higher score.

Specifically, as soon as the Snapdragon 835 variant detects a benchmark app, the minimum frequency of the little cluster rockets to the maximum frequency i.e. 1.9GHz. With this technique, OnePlus achieved some of the highest scores on GeekBench 4. Now, without the cheating mechanism, the report claims that only 24.4 percent of results gave the 1.9GHz maximum frequency in the small cores, whereas when the manipulation was enabled, the number jumped to a whopping 95 percent of results.

To defend itself, OnePlus had this to say:

“We are not overclocking the device, rather we are displaying the performance potential of the OnePlus 5.” 

By the way, I have read reviews of the One Plus 5 and they seem to be positive (With the 6GB of RAM and all) so I wonder why OnePlus had to bother gaming the system.

Ove to you, do you take benchmarks into account when buying a new phone?



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