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nTel Nova N1 Unboxing: A Smartphone Wrapped in the Body of a Feature Phone.

My size is a deviation from what my name represents (My name is Tobi — which means big— but have you seen the way I look?!). The same (well, not really the same) can be said of the ntel nova N1, nTel’s first smartphone, which doesn’t look like a Smartphone at all, instead, you get something that looks similar to a Nokia phone. Before I jump the gun, how about we start from the very beginning.


You get the regular accessories, which include the earphone, 1800mAh battery, MicroUSB cable, power brick and warranty card.


The first reaction I had when I saw the nTel Nova N1:

Not so bad

Yes, Nokia has their 3310, but by combining a physical keyboard with a touchscreen, run by Android 6.0, and with that price tag, the Nova N1 is a hard-to-overlook hybrid.

Although its appearance is pleasant enough, it’s slightly bulky, coming in at 143g and, considering the display is a 3.5inch across the diagonal, the chassis of the phone is pretty wide and tall, which is mainly due to the need to accommodate that physical keyboard.

Surprisingly, there are no volume and power buttons on both sides of the device so you’d have to rely on the power button on the keypad to lock your device and the left and right buttons on the keypad for the volume, which gave me a hard time (More on that in the full review).

When it comes to other placements, you have the USB port and the 3.5mm earphone jack on top of the device.

And beneath, you have the mic and an opening created to easily remove the back cover.

In the front of the device, you have the 2MP front facing camera, the only sensor available is the accelerometer sensor. There is, of course, the keypad which is nicely spaced

And what is considered as quick buttons that let you access applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google search and with just the touch of the button (Yes, you can actually customize this).

Did I mention it has a removable 1800mAh battery along with dual SIM capabilities that support VOLTE and a SD card slot?? Well, it does.

At the back of the device, there is the 5MP back facing camera with flash.

Ntel logo, and the speaker grills.


You get the same welcome screen you get when powering on an Infinix or Tecno device for the first time, although the Nova N1 has the nTel customization.

However, where you can’t access anything else without completing the registration process on these aforementioned devices, I discovered that thanks to the shortcuts mentioned earlier, you can actually search the web, access twitter, and others, even before registering.

There is also the fact that the security pattern initially appears small during registration, but this isn’t the case after you have completed registration.

For those wondering, the keypad has backlights.

Finally, did I mention that it is actually a touch-screen? Oh, I think I did.

So, what are my first impression?

Save for the fact that there are no volume and power buttons, and the fact that it is initially awkward to type using the keypad, I think this is not bad, not bad at all.

So, over to you, would you rather go for this or go for the Nokia 3310?


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