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No Love For The Tablet: In Nigeria, Tablets Account For 2.99% Of Internet Usage In October – StatCounter

It’s no news that Tablets have struggled to live up to its initial hype.


Six years after the release of the original iPad, the once booming tablet market is now on the verge of a massive shift, one that not many predicted.

The result from Statcounter shows how dire the situation is for the Tablet industry, especially in Nigeria.

According to the data, Tablets only accounted for 2.99% of Internet usage in Nigeria, a far cry from the Smartphone’s 80.65%.


Kenya’s result was far worse:

While South Africa


… And Ghana went past the 3% benchmark.


The rise of phablets – smartphones with screen sizes approaching those of tablets – is one of the factors behind the decline in the user base for slates.

Can The Tablets Make a Comeback?

Not this year, or next! According to the IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker,  the worldwide tablet market will continue to decline for the remainder of 2016 as well as next year, but will start to see positive growth in two years time as detachable tablets steal market share from PCs.


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