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Nissan’s Self-Parking Chairs Are The Future Of Laziness

Do you know how annoying it is to arrange scattered office chairs? I don’t, but Nissan does and has created a solution that I never saw coming.


Meet Nissan’s self-parking chairs, because pushing your chair around is hard work!


For those times you need to prepare for a meeting, all you need is to make a clap and the chairs will rearrange itself automatically!


Sadly, these chairs are not for sale as Nissan built them to show off its self-driving technology.  #Showoffs!

Nissan's Self-Parking Chairs

Nissan’s Self-Parking Chairs – Source: Youtube

I wonder why Nissan will show us this brilliant innovation then leave us high and dry, not fair!

In other related news, all hail tech-no-lo-gy


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