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This Nigerian Wants to File a Class Action Lawsuit Against MTN (& Others) With Your Help.

You aren’t a true Nigerian until you’ve experienced deduction of recharged credits or unsolicited messages like this one:

Or this one:

I could go on, but it’s no news that Nigerian Telcos have been known for fleecing customers with illegal deductions and unsolicited messages and this is even after customers have activated the DND code. To put these deductions into perspective, MTN Nigeria currently has a subscriber base of 51 million; Globacom, 37.4 million; Airtel, 35.9 million and 9Mobile at 17 million. With N50 daily deductions, MTN would have smiled to the bank with N2 trillion in a month, the same applies to other Telcos.

That’s a lot!

Now, this man — Uche Achibe— has had enough, and is willing to stand up against these Telcos. He intends to file a class action lawsuit against them, with your help, of course.

Here is what was posted on Facebook:

If you have ever gotten this from MTN Nigeria may be we can do something and stop this from happening. Here’s the thing – they create a product/service, add you to the product and then send you a mail to say your subscription is expiring – giving you the option to cancel the renewal (as if you subscribed in the first place). I

If you don’t take action, they’d bill you and deduct the money from your credit for something you don’t need and may never use – and they are usually stupid services.

They are asking me for my number on Twitter to sort me out, but, it shouldn’t be about me. They shouldn’t collect money from people like this – it’s criminal. If you have suffered this before, it’s time to act. Enter your detail here https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSd0Mv3wJlOxOMaRH…/viewform… at the right time, we’d file a class action against them. They have an option to either adjust their systems and issue a public statement to that effect or wait for the class action. It’s time to test out consumer protection laws in this country.

Like he said, you can also take a stance by filling the Google form using this link.

What do you think? Would this be effective?


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