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A Staggering Promise From The New Gionee M5 Plus


In a world domineered by different breeds of Smartphones, one would agree that it is increasingly getting difficult to choose a brand because, in reality, they all preach the same sermon. In that sermon are two uncompromisingly clear messages; a sleek phone with beautiful features or a phone with long lasting battery disregarding that question lurking in the corner of our minds; why can’t we have it all?

The new Gionee M5 Plus owns up to the challenge with a specially designed parade of the best of both worlds. The device is set to deliver that long-awaited answer “You can have it all”.

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One of the marvels of the Gionee M5 Plus is its 5020 powerful Milli Ampere battery that challenges you to a 3-day adventure of heavy usage yet promising to remain half full. Owning a Gionee M5 plus enlists you amongst the privileged few who never worry about battery life or charging at intervals. An addicted phone user will need to do a whole lot more to drain the magnificent long lasting prowess of a Gionee M5 Plus.

The battery power of a Gionee M5 Plus is undoubtedly yet to be unrivaled by any other phone. Even a power bank as important as it is in this clime wasn’t obviously made with a Gionee M5 Plus in mind because the Gionee M5 Plus will comfortably charge one.

The Gionee M5 Plus also has a unique smart power consumption system that comprises a Power saving night mode, CPU intelligent frequency conversion, and an application that keeps you aware of your energy consumption. More so, the Gionee M5 Plus comes with a fully Metallic battery cover.


Beyond power, the M5 Plus has got an enormous memory space to offer. A space so gigantic you could almost forget to use the delete option on your phone. The new M5 Plus has got an incredible 3GB RAM and a 64GB internal memory expandable to 128GB.

The tempting space on the Gionee M5 Plus vehemently lures its user to yearn for more content; movies, games, music, pictures etc. because the space makes every adventure on the phone amazingly realistic and terrific in performance.

If you still need to delete old applications to get new ones or to get optimum performances then you need to reconsider upgrading to the M5 Plus.The Gionee M5 Plus connects to your cravings for more and ensures that when that more is met, there is enough space on your phone to handle them.

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Think of an elegantly Symmetric Curved Design, think of a Water Drop AMOLED display, think  M5 Plus. Beyond its ultra slim body of 3.5mm, its 6.0-inch full high definition display, and its fully metallic frame, Gionee M5 Plus provides an extreme touch you can almost feel, all combined with a weight of just 211.5gramms.

CAMERA! The device nurtures your obsession for pictures with a super sharp image quality that gets you to sometimes wonder if your snapshot is really you. The M5 Plus has a 13MP rear Camera and a 5MP front camera combined with a 2.0 aperture ensuring every image reflects excellence.


How safe can a Gionee M5 Plus be? Is it because it has a fingerprint security unlock that responds within 0.1seconds or a safe box that ensures your calls, contacts, files, pictures, and messages are secure. Whatever it is, the M5 Plus provides adequate security for the attraction you will get for using the phone. The Gionee M5 Plus also provides a fingerprint unlock option for your messages, calls, contacts, pictures and files ensuring the phone is fitting to style and unique to you.


Its processor, the Mediatek MT6753, has an average performing central processing unit with a maximum speed of 1,300 GHz’s. Gionee M5 Plus also has a 4G+ Volte for high-speed quality phone calls. 


GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Android 5.1, Type C USB, G-sensor, Light Sensor and E-compass, DTS and HI-FI technology.  The Gionee M5 Plus also charges Superfast and comes with a reverse charging ability that can power four other phones simultaneously.

The Gionee M5 Plus is more than a parade of awesome features; it is the whole kit and caboodle of all you could ever wish for in a smartphone.

If you want to have your cake and eat it, then you really should be anticipating the new Gionee M5 Plus.


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