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#MyGoogleStory: Here Is How You Can Win A Google ‘Swagga Hamper’ From Me (MissTechy) Courtesy Google Nigeria.

This is an admittedly gushy post about Google. If you can’t take this kind of stuff, run while you still can. If you continue there is something for you at the end of the article. 

I personally think that Lagosians spend years of their lives stuck in traffic. Don’t believe me? Do the math—calculate the time you’ve spent in Lagos traffic commuting from your house to your job.

This is why I always try to look for ways to beat traffic—in comes Google Maps. I told a friend that Google Maps is all you need to have your traffic needs met and it’s the truth because I can share STORIEESSSSS of how it has helped me beat the demon that is called traffic in Lagos. The one story that comes to mind happened when I was invited to a tech event at Four Points (I stay on the mainland and I was already running late). Me, whenever I am running late:

To ensure I don’t give Lagos traffic the chance to worsen the situation, I tried to use Google Maps while my driver was hell-bent on using Traffic Radio. You know what they say about two heads?

Traffic Radio said there was a standstill traffic on Third Mainland Bridge while Google Maps recommended that Third Mainland Bridge was the best route to take to Four Points because it had no traffic.

This wasn’t a difficult situation for me because I trusted Google! And true to the recommendation, there was no traffic on Third Mainland Bridge. Mind you, Traffic Radio still insisted on live radio that there was traffic. Long story short, I got to the event in good time, but it could have been worse, I could have been stuck in Eko bridge traffic which Google predicted could last for about 30 minutes.

Now, this was just one example of how Google is so entwined in my everyday life… Is it the same for you?

Google and I are asking for a chance to hear your #MyGoogleStory. Let me know how Google Search or Maps has helped you in any way.


On 18 September, I’ll pick my favorite story and that person will get a Google “Swagger” bag.


It includes:

You can share your story on any of your social media platforms (don’t share it here), but don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyGoogleStory and tag me (Twitter – @MissTechyNG, Instagram – @MissTechy and Facebook – MissTechy very important). Leave me a comment here so I know where to go and look for your story and you can nominate your friends to share their stories too.


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