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You Might Want To Change Your LinkedIn Password After Reading This

It is no news that hackers sell account information of social media platforms to the highest bidder and even secure platforms like Yahoo, Gmail and LinkedIn are no exceptions.


The recent one is with LinkedIn, a report on Motherboard reveals that a hacker has attained over 117 million emails and passwords belonging to LinkedIn users and is selling them on the Dark Web marketplace, the Real Deal, for 5 bitcoin (Approximately $2,200). The hacker, who is nicknamed “Peace,” told Motherboard that the data was stolen during the LinkedIn breach of 2012 and while the majority of the passwords are encrypted over 90% have already been cracked.


Change your LinkedIn password

Given how important LinkedIn is, and how easy it is for anyone to get emails of your connections/other important information once they have your account details, it’d be advisable to change your password even if you feel you can’t be affected.

H/T: Motherboard
Image Source: Motherboard


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