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Microsoft Is Paying People To Use The Edge Browser.

Before you get too excited, it isn’t available in any African country, yet. So:

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Be calm

… But at least, you’d know the extent Microsoft is willing to go, to convert as many people to Edge-believing users.

This week, Microsoft announced that it is rebranding the former Bing rewards to Microsoft rewards – a platform that will pay you to use the Edge browser and Bing. Edge users who sign up for Microsoft Rewards, which is currently US-only, would be awarded points simply for using the browser. How? Microsoft would actively monitor whether you are using the program for up to 30 hours a month, you also have to make Bing as your default search engine to earn points. Points can then be traded in for vouchers or credit for places such as Starbucks, Skype, Amazon and ad-free Outlook.com


Whether or not this would put Edge in the spot it is clamoring for remains to be seen, but I honestly feel Microsoft is jumping the gun.

I think one of the problems the Edge browser has is that it’s only limited to Windows 10, make this available to all, then watch the numbers triple.


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