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(Update) Microsoft is Bringing the Edge Browser to Android/iOS For the First Time Ever! But Are They Too Late?

Update: It’s now available on Android. To download click here

Microsoft has finally seen the light! #NowPlaying Amazing Grace

The company has decided to make available the elusive Edge browser to the heathens. Henceforth (Well, not really), you lots can download the Edge browser on your Android or IOS devices.

The question is, do you feel this way about this development:

Or this way:

In my opinion, those who are currently using Windows 10 PCs might want a go at this majorly because of the Edge browser’s ability to synchronize work on the desktop and mobile device with the help of features like Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View. They also get the ability to push web pages across the devices and instantly continue working on different platforms.

However, the process to install the app isn’t straightforward because it’s still in beta.Yes, these beta releases could be grabbed via Apple’s Test Flight and Google’s testing program via Play Store but you need to visit this web page to sign up for the Microsoft Edge mobile. Apart from that, you must be running the latest Windows 10 Insider builds.

Since I am a Mac user, I’ll just wait for the global launch.

Over to you guys, are willing to install the Edge browser on your Android or iOS devices?

Psst! The browser won’t use its own rendering engine, but Chrome’s Blink engine and Safari’s WebKit engine. 


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