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How A 17-Year Old Impressed Mark Zuckerberg To Become One Of The Youngest Facebook Employees

We’ve heard stories of how two Nigerian youngsters created a browser that got massive media coverage. Here is another old/new story to get you out of the abyss of uncertainty.

Meet Michael Sayman, one of the youngest Facebook employees currently working as a Software Developer.


I met him last year, However, 2 days ago, Micheal recounted his story in a TechPrep video, TechPrep is Facebook’s latest initiative to teach people programming.  In the video, Micheal talked about how his passion provided for his family.


Be curious and determinedBe curious and determined

Posted by TechPrep on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Micheal’s first contribution to the app store was called Club Penguin Cheats app, a tutorial for the popular Disney game. Micheal created the app to drive traffic to his WordPress site. He had no prior programming knowlege, but relied on Google for his every need. It quickly rose to the top 10 thanks to his passion and determination. According to him:

“It was a horrible process of learning, absolutely the worst,” Michael told “My School didn’t offer computer classes so that’s what I had to do.”“I just went on the Internet, tried to figure out how to do something, and got it done.”

He created the app and with much struggle registered it. The app was a basic collection of links to the tips and tricks on his website. Thanks to his determination, the app was among the top 10 apps.


However, Micheal didn’t stop there, he developed another game called 4 Snaps.  According to his mom

“I watched my son, every night and every single day, staying up until four or five a.m., working on the app, doing his homework, sleeping two or three hours, and then going to school.”

Michael increased awareness for 4 snaps by paying Instagrammers about $40/day (something he could barely afford). After this, his app rose to 127th position and eventually to #1.

That was when Facebook noticed him and a recruiter from Facebook reached out with an offer – a summer internship at Facebook with a $6,000 monthly pay. Today, Micheal is a software developer at Facebook.


It’s just a stupid app,” Michael said. “But the fact that I created something out of nothing and changed someone’s life in a stupid insignificant way is the best feeling ever.”

From a boy with braces to a software engineer at Facebook, now that is success


You can do it! You just need to believe in yourself.

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28 comments on “How A 17-Year Old Impressed Mark Zuckerberg To Become One Of The Youngest Facebook Employees

  1. Chris says:

    Wow. Wonderful! Inspiring.
    ICT is just the main thing now! Kudos to all the tech experts ?

    1. kenny says:

      Honestly ICT is taking over everywhere. Too bad we aint promoting it in naija ?

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    I love Michael’s spirit, I love to hear news like this (reward for being hardworking).

  3. says:

    I love the hardwork made by michael kudos to him…

  4. zita obeta says:

    Great one! Doing what you love so much and having faith in yourself is self fulfilling.

    1. kenny says:

      Aint nothing like it

  5. Joshua says:

    true talk…. life is all about determination and zeal

  6. DY says:

    Dearest God.

  7. Mukaddas says:

    I don vex..
    my app is coming out next week…
    Be determined, nothing is impossible

    1. kenny says:

      If u get hired by maybe Glo abeg remember me?

  8. Tochukwu Osakwe says:

    Hardwork does pay for sure…be curious and determined.

  9. presh says:

    hard work really pays??

  10. kenny says:

    Haaaah hope to be lyk this boy o. Already taking baby steps of programming?

  11. kenny says:

    Nd em pls concerning those two yng naija boys that created a browser, it was SHIT, i downloaded it nd uninstalled it with immediate effect, i commended them for their effort tho

  12. Fuckers everywhere !!! 🙁

  13. Simeon Udoh says:

    Very Inspiring piece. Through the Difficulties and struggles, he was able to make.. I’ll surely make it 🙂

  14. Kay says:

    Video on tech prep 2days old?

    I watch it a week back!

    And Tobi, you said you met Say man last year?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I met him online last year, this story has been since 2014. Hence the old/new story.

      1. Kay says:


        I was thinking you ACTUALLY met him.



  15. Woooow!!! kind of stories I love reading, gives me hope for tomorrow.

  16. says:

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  17. Techlug says:

    Such a motivating story… Am happy for him though

  18. micheal adeniji says:

    Wow.. Incredible Young Boy..

  19. micheal adeniji says:

    So Inspiring..

  20. FELIX says:

    Lots of congrats to that boy..ı’m really happy for hım

  21. FELIX says:

    Altjough apart from God and hıs determınatıon, hıs country also had that atmosphere to encourage hıs hope

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