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Meet The Young Nigerians Who Currently Work At Snap Inc.

In my quest to find amazing ladies for my How She Works/How She Does It series, I came across these young Nigerians who have carved themselves a space at one of the biggest tech companies in the world.



Olamide is currently a Release Engineer at Snap Inc. A position she has held since 2016!

Image Source:  AndSheCodes

According to Quora, a Release Engineer is responsible for ensuring that all the details of releasing a product are taken care of. This includes coordinating that all the features are complete, all the bugs are addressed, any security, packaging or deployment-related tasks are taken care of before making the product available to the customers to use. 

As for her background, she holds an A.B in Government and African-American Study from Harvard University. However, instead of pursuing a role in that line, she became passionate about technology and innovation while working for an education startup, the Future Project, this passion enabled her to complete a 12-week iOS immersive at General Assembly.

Image Source: Twitter

Prior to Snapchat, she was the Lead Engineer/Director of Team Experience at the Future Project. S

She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.


Ayokiitan is currently interning as a Software Engineer at Snapchat while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Data Science Specialization at the University of Maryland. Before moving to the United States, Ayokiitan was a Computer Skills Teacher at FCT Abuja School for the Blind where he found a way to teach blind students how to type.

Image Source: Facebook

Ayo has also gained a lot of experience interning at different tech companies like Qualcomm.

During his internship days at one of the tech companies, he created a software in the Customer Service Division that saved the company over $100,000 and is currently used by 1000’s of employees and Agents.


How I feel in two GIFs:

Well done, guys!



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