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Meet RepairAm, The E-Commerce For Gadget Repair

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post!

I came across a platform that can help meet your gadget repair needs in Nigeria. Since you can buy and sell gadgets online why not have a platform that can pick up your faulty gadgets, fix them and deliver them to you.

This is where RepairAm comes in, a platform co-founded by Onibokun Ayobami wants to be your e-commerce for gadget repairs.

repairam in nigeria

Repairam – Repair your gadgets in Nigeria

However, unlike other platforms that require you bringing the gadgets yourself, RepairAm acts as your gadget maid. i.e. they act like an e-commerce platform – picks up, fixes and delivers your gadget back to you.

repair where to repair gadgets in Nigeria

Currently, they repair Gadgets like laptops, phones and wristwatches


If this is not sponsored, why is MissTechy talking about them? Well, I had an issue with a gadget of mine and decided to give them a try, since their platform was so good, I thought, why not feature them!

So, if you have a faulty gadget, RepairAm might be your best bet. Just click on this link


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