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Would You Like to Find People Who You Can Play Video Games With on Facebook?

Words on the street or should I say words from TNW have it that Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow you to find other people to play video games with.

Yeah, the company is apparently not resting until it makes Facebook great again for Millennials. 

Not sure how this is going to work, but TNW found this feature through a new icon on Facebook, to be more specific, a ‘Find Players’ icon in the area used for composing statuses and posts.

So, would it be more like a multiplayer kind of thing?

Not really, since TNW pointed out that clicking on the icon only allows you to give your team a name, a description, a hashtag, and optionally, a photo. 

So, it’s still not clear how this would go, but we’d find out soon, hopefully.

What do you think? And for Ex-Facebook users, would this make you use Facebook again?


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