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When Was the Last Time You Came Across a Jailbroken iPhone?

I remember when I got my first iPhone, the iPhone 3GS:

Image Source: iMore

The second thing I did, was to jailbreak the device, because I hated the limitations that the iOS presented.

9 years later, and the interest for jailbreaking seems to have waned, majorly because applications have been developed to help with the limitations of  the iOS.

Now, if you’ve ever jailbroken an iPhone, you must have come across Cydia — which allows iPhone users with jailbroken devices to download applications from different ‘sources’ that could allow them to bypass Apple’s limitation. Speaking about the sources, a vast majority came from three major repositories, but at the moment, two —ModMyi and MaCiti —have been shut down for good.


Lack of funds to keep it going, which is ultimately tied to the lack of interest in Jailbreaking.

This aside, there is also the fact that Apple has tightened their OS security —there hasn’t been a public jailbreak for the iOS 11, yet.

In other words, Apple has clearly won the Jailbreaking war. So, are the days of jailbreaking dead and gone?

My best bet would be:

But never say never.




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