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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Has Officially Won Over the A.I. Community.

I am currently in my fangirl mode!

Thanks to Kristen Stewart’s appearance as an author on a machine learning paper! Yes, the 26-year-old actress — best known for “Twilight”  —apparently has a thing for tech.

The research paper is titled “Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim,” and it provides a detailed analysis on the use of technology to create art in her screenwriting debut, Come Swim.

It also shows how they used a machine learning technique called Neural Style Transfer Style transfer to artistically alter video in real time. The algorithm does this by applying the same painting technique used on a sample picture to a regular photo.

You can check out an example below:

The original painting drawn by Kristen can be seen in the middle image while the rightmost image is the version created by the Neural Style Transfer. 

In case you want to read about the research, you can click here. P.S. It’s a three-page paper that is an interesting mixture of technology and art.


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