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A Kenyan Startup Built a Robot To Help Analyze the Emotions of a Presidential Candidate.

It didn’t happen in the abroad, guys! It took place in Kenya!

According to Medium via Quartz, a Kenya Startup, Odipo Dev, developed a robot to help analyze the emotions of the Presidential Candidate during a 90-minute presidential debate in late July. The Robot “watched the debate, capturing a video frame at periodic intervals and matching the faces to transcripts of the debate to infer emotions.” It achieved this using computer vision technology executed on a series of high-speed shot frames to categorize emotions either as sad, happy, angry, neutral, contemptuous, surprised or disgusted. At the end of the debate, it discovered that the Kenyan presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, is happiest when discussing government corruption, tribalism, and his country’s regional standing.


He was unhappy when asked about a past event (a meeting in 2008), tribalism in hiring practices during his tenure as prime minister, issues he might face as president, and an issue relating to potential effects on the environment.

The robot couldn’t make any useful comparisons since Odinga was the only one who showed up for the debate (His main rival, Kenya’s current president, Uhuru Kenyatta, opted out of the debate). However, like Quartz pointed out, “the goal isn’t just to find out what issues irk or enthuse candidates. The company hopes to deploy the software to companies for understanding customers.”

Now, imagine if this was used during the election period  in Nigeria, I can totally picture a reenactment of this scene:




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