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I Just Tried Microsoft’s New CaptionBot And It is Hilariously Not Normal!

Another day, another invention. This time, Microsoft who has had several AI tricks that went wrong has come up with something to while away your time. Meet the CaptionBot, An AI that will caption any picture you upload. 



To try it out, click here, then upload your photo. I uploaded mine and the results……..Well, let the pictures do the talking.


caption 2


Meanwhile, other Twitter users have tried their hands at it and trust me when I say that the CaptionBot is a funny AI.

Cf_vC-qW4AEKotM captionbot (2) captionbot (1)

Although the Caption Bot app is just to pass the time, it is also part of Microsoft’s strategy to provide AI solutions that will help businesses.

Tried it yet? Did it caption your images well?


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