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Is LOL Truly Dead?

Lol, I am sure you are wondering what brought about the title. Apparently, Facebook claims that LOL is gradually dying or is dead. According to their recent post where they carried out a research on how often people use laughter expressions in their conversations. Laughing out loud “LOL” is gradually dying.

Guess who replaced LOL?

Haha! You guess right!

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Now, in as much as I would like to write a eulogy for LOL (Read my Eulogy for IE) I can’t help but wonder if it is truly dead. For one, I use LOL almost all the time. Secondly, haha doesn’t actually have what it takes to replace L O L, I am sorry haha, my opinions!

Anyways, since I can’t really tell, I am throwing this open to everyone.

What do you think?ย Do you agree with Facebook?


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