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What If the iPhone SE 2—Apple’s Budget Phone— Looked Like This?

The iPhone X’s design came, saw, and conquered the hearts of many Apple fanboys (Including the Android Fanboys):

Now, there are rumors floating around that Apple might come through with an iPhone SE 2 and with design elements of the iPhone X. You can trust the internet to come up with concepts for the SE 2, one of which is this:

Posted by the Concept Creator on their YouTube channel.

Another is from Curved:


The first phone in the images is the SE 2.

Both concepts look like a mini-version of the iPhone X with a single rear camera, glass back, and measuring 4-inches.

Of course, you don’t need to be told that the images should be taken with a grain of salt and:


… But let’s play pretend, shall we? If Apple launches something similar, and with the price tag $349, would you be tempted to buy one?


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