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The iPhone 8 Will Have a Touch of Samsung.

So, this was speculated some months back, but a new report has just confirmed it. 

Apple fanboys, expect the iPhone 8 to come with one of the best phone displays ever!

Thanks to the fact that Apple will (based on the new report) use Samsung’s OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone.

The Android Fanboys Association at their next meeting. 

Oh boy, I read that the iPhone 8 will finally have an OLED display that has been on Android for years.

Anyways, according to the report:

“‘Apple recently approved the prototype panels.

“More than 10 million screens will be shipped every month. This year alone, Apple has reportedly ordered 80 million screens.”

“According to sources, the screen will use flexible OLED to cover the entire front body of the device, as against the Samsung Galaxy S8’s display area ratio at 83.6 percent, along with more aggressive curvature.

Now, doesn’t it seem a little close to launch day to “begin” production of iPhone 8 components, especially a new screen?

I don’t know about the production process, but I did a little digging and it seems that Apple plans to launch one OLED model of its upcoming iPhone and this would be made available in 2018.


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