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My Infinix Zero 5 Unboxing!

The past few days have tested my patience, first, my laptop gave up on me, then I accidentally formatted the MicroSD card that had all the review pictures and videos shot in Dubai, but:

So, like I promised, this is my Infinix Zero 5 unboxing:



As far as the accessories are concerned, Infinix stuck with what they had with the Zero 4 Plus. So you have the usual suspects, like your fast charge wall adapter:

Instead of the MicroUSB cable on the Zero 4 Plus, you now have the USB type-C cable:


Sim Card Ejector:

A plastic case:

Phone wipe:

And finally, a new entry — the much needed USB type-C adapter, which was missing in the Phantom 8 accessories:



Peeling off the wrap immediately reveals the display on the Zero 5


As well as:


Like I said in my hands-on, where I prefer the Bordeaux red color variant, especially the back view, because what is not to love, I also like the fact that the bezels on the black color variant blends with the display.

Now here’s a fun fact, the bezels on the Phantom 8:


Is slightly larger than the Zero 5.

Moving forward, with the Zero 5 powered on, you get to fully see the 5.98 inch full HD Display:

Let’s just call it 6-inch:


Placements are like this, on the left side is the MicroSD card slot which is expandable up to 256GB

On the other side is the Dual SIM card slot.

I must point out that this arrangement is way better than the hybrid SIM arrangement on the Zero 4 plus, and even the Phantom 8.

There is the volume rocker which isn’t as tactile as the power button

Now, unlike the Phantom 8, the Zero 5 has no placements on top:

Because they have all been moved beneath, so you have the mono speaker grills, the USB Type-C port and the earphone jack.



Similar to last year’s Zero 4 Plus, Infinix has stuck with the metallic build for the Zero 5, which is different from the diamond fire design on the Phantom 8:

As for the placements, you have one of the major highlights of the Zero 5 —the dual camera setup. Now, here are 2 reasons why I prefer the dual camera setup on the Zero 5 to the Phantom 8.


For one, there are no camera bumps on the Zero 5, which makes it less prone to scratches

There is also the fact that this supports OIS — although I will be testing out this claim in my full review.

Anyways, the first camera is the main camera — 12MP wide-angled lens, while the second is a 13MP telephoto lens, beside that you have the dual LED flash

… The fingerprint sensor.

You also have antenna bands that further add to the aesthetics of the device:

For the front view, Infinix has stuck with the Gorilla Glass 3 protection that was spotted on the Zero 4 Plus:

As for the placements in front, you have the selfie flash, notification and proximity sensor and a 16MP selfie camera.

Now, similar to the Zero 4 Plus, the Zero 5 uses on-screen buttons:


The placement has got me feeling this way:

Because I think that Infinix should have used physical buttons to justify the use of the bezels.


The Zero 5 uses the latest UI from Infinxi dubbed the Hummingbird:

If you are an Infinix user, you might not immediately tell the difference, but the icons have been slightly tweaked. Infinix has also added a news feed to the home-screen.

Don’t worry, you can disable this if you don’t like it.

Or install a third party launcher.


It does feel quite handy, even for a 6-inch device. Although it is slightly heavier than the Zero 4 plus:

And the Phantom 8 (Of course):


So, guys! There you have it! My unboxing of the Zero 5.

I’d like to know which of the devices you prefer — the Zero 5 or the Phantom 8?


You can also tell me what you want to see in the full review.


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