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The Infinix Zero 5 Review —The Zero 5 vs. The Phantom 8.

I don’t know why, but the Infinix Zero 5 review was the longest (& difficult) video review I have made, nothing special from my end, but it took a while, but it is finally here guys. Yes, I didn’t take a month to review this time around.

Anyways, this is the Zero 5


And chances are, if you want a semi-budget phone, then this might be your best bet, or not.


Personally 5 things,

Stick out to me when it comes to my overall experience with this phone. First is the design and the display:


Second, the UI:

Third? The performance:

Fourth is the camera:


With the fifth being the battery life:

Now starting off with the design and the display, and like I said in my unboxing, Infinix played it safe, and by safe, I mean, they went with the bezels:


…And the metal unibody design spotted on the Zero 4.

Overall, the design isn’t going to wow you, but I definitely won’t call it ugly either.


Moving to the display, and it’s not quad-HD, it’s FHD, however, the display is quite vibrant and colorful.

And in my opinion, it is brighter than the display on the Phantom 8. Take this footage, for example, the building looks a lot brighter on the Zero 5 than the Phantom 8.

The same can also be said for when you are under direct sunlight:


The next thing I want to talk about is the user interface, we already know that Infinix went along with their UI, the XOS 3.0 (the latest version), which isn’t close to the stock Android experience.

Overall you can still swipe up to access your app drawer, and other gestures that were spotted on the Note 4.

However, call:

And the message Interface:


As well as other icons have been tweaked to an extent.

As for the effect on the storage, the OS and the UI used up 14GB of the 64GB storage available, but remember that you still have the MicroSD card option:


The next question is with the overall performance and this phone is incredibly fast. There are literally no lags with animations or performance.

The 6GB of RAM paired with the old Helio P25 processor ensures that you can have way more apps running in the background before Android memory management starts to shut things down.

For my test, I tried to use a PSP emulator to play gods of war and even though frame drops were noticed, it became playable after tweaking the settings. But for normal games, this had a smooth run.

Multitasking is also impressive and for a bit of comparison, I pit it against the Phantom 8, apps opened faster on the Zero 5, but all the apps opened on both devices resumed.

Still, on the performance, this takes about 32 seconds to power on:

You can check out the position below:


As far as I can tell, the 4350mAh battery capacity is perfect for both moderate and heavy users, and as a power user, I was able to use it for a full day with battery juice to last me till the next day.


I also did a screen on time test where I streamed the longest video on YouTube, and the Zero 5 lasted up to 13 hours before it died.

Of course, you have the USB type C which I am always happy to see:


As well as the x- charge, which should charge the device from zero to 100%  in 2 hours 25 minutes.

There were some things I noticed though, and this isn’t new with Infinix devices. For one, the Zero 5 is quite selective when it comes to charges, meaning that you have to use the bundled charger to enjoy the fast charge experience.


There is also the fact that the x-charge feature stops at 92%.

Two issues that the Phantom 8 doesn’t have.

Now moving to the camera, and when I first got to use the camera, I had a reaction similar to this:


And that is because the results were nowhere close to the Phantom 8. But I got a software update that completely changed everything. But before I show you the picture samples, let’s delve into the interface which is quite different from the Phantom 8 and the Zero 4, and by different I mean you are spoilt for choice. For one, there is the pro mode which, with the technical know-how can get you great looking shots:



But for those who can’t understand the ISO and exposure language, like one of my siblings, Thorpe, for example:

Can you guess, the song that was in “Thorpe’s” mind, it has the word “corner”?

The Zero 5’s auto mode does a pretty good job. It delivered rich colors:

Impressive dynamic range (You can use your finger to further see the Zero 5 and Phantom 8 results, THE FIRST IMAGE IN THE SLIDER IS THE ZERO 5’S):

And decent results even in low light.

Then there is the beauty mode. Wait!

Do people still use this mode?

And the timelapse mode which isn’t available on the Phantom 8.

As far as the portrait mode is concerned, it is available on both the front and the back of the Zero 5’s cameras which is different from what you get on the Phantom 8.

As far as the results from the portrait mode on the rear cameras of both the Phantom 8 and the Zero 5 are concerned

The Zero 5 portrait camera produced images that were brighter than the Phantom 8.

By the way, the portrait mode on the front camera works okay:


But it is not perfect and in my experience, I had a couple of hits and misses. Majorly because the subjects were nor outlined well, so you get blurs on random places on the subject. But since this is a software thing, it can be fixed with an update.

As for the results from the front camera, the Zero 5 is once again brighter than the Phantom 8, but the 8 looks more natural.


Overall, the Zero 5 has the most details, the white balance is fine and the exposure most of the time is okay.

The Zero 5 isn’t so great in low-light, though, and there is where the Phantom 8 shines bright like a diamond.

Now, just like the Phantom 8, you can get up to 2x the optical zoom, and you may recall when I said that the main camera is used to achieve this on the Phantom 8. Well, that is not really the case and I found this out while playing with the Zero 5.




Yes, the telephoto lens is actually used for the zoom, but only when you use it in a good lighting condition. When in low light, the main camera will be used and you won’t get the optical zoom, instead it would be a digital zoom, which isn’t as great as optical.

In other words:

Now here is another thing that the Phantom 8 doesn’t have, but it is available on the 5, and it is the OIS feature or should I say EIS because I think it is more of a software thing than a camera thing.

Overall, I like the picture and video quality on the Zero 5, it is not perfect, but it is definitely not bad.

Then you have the mono speaker which sounds almost the same as the Phantom 8 but when you listen closely you’d discover that the 8 has distinct sounds, it sounds better IMO. You can listen to it below:

It starts @6:13

Connectivity wise, this comes with 4G LTE, although it doesn’t come with the ability to peg to 4g alone:

Something that is available on the 8:

As for the bands, I tried it using a Glo SIM and I couldn’t  connect to 4G, but here is the thing, I am not sure if the new SIM is 4G enabled but I’d update once I am sure.

Besides all of that, you have the fingerprint sensor which is pretty fast, but the 8 is a second faster.

However, unlike the 8, you can use the fingerprint sensor on the 5 to take pictures, and my favorite, record calls, to name a few.

Now, for those wondering, this device gets warm during heavy usage, but it is not something to be concerned about.


And as far as benchmark scores are concerned, the 8 is slightly higher than the 5 in antutu.

But the 5 is slightly better in Geekbench scores.

You can check the Leaderboard here:

Honestly, the Zero 5 is a pretty good phone and you might be hard-pressed to find anything better (with the specs it has), especially in your country, and at that price point (N100,000 – N120,000).

So, over to you, are the Zero 5’s shortcomings deal breakers?


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