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Infinix Note 4 Pro Unboxing & Review: Things to Know Before Buying + The Battle of the 3GB RAM Devices — Note 4 Pro vs. Hot S2 Pro vs. A1 Lite

I spent the better part of the weekend and Monday reviewing the Note 4 Pro hence the reason I’ve been MIA (I really need a female writer). But the Note 4 Pro was worth the stress. Here is my video review:

But before the review. Here’s what you’d find in the box:

The 5.7-inch Note 4 pro


Power adapter



MicroUSB cable



The famous X-Pen (This is sold at N4,000 should you want to replace yours). Then, This beautiful leather case:

A film case


Pin Ejector and manuals.

Moving to the similarities and differences, the first has to do with the build, it’s still the same size as the Note 4, but the Note 4 Pro looks premium thanks to the metal unibody design as opposed to the removable plastic back on the Note 4.

Since the back is not removable, the dual SIM card slot has been placed on the left side of the device.


Beneath that is the charge connector pins for the X-pen.


On the other side, there is the MicroSD card slot, volume rocker, and power button.

Everything looks the same in front and yes! I am talking about the bezels, they are still there on the Note 4 pro, but one difference is the fact that the camera sensor has been moved to the left.

The ports on top and beneath still remain the same.

As for the specs, this is slightly similar to the Note 4.

But there are noticeable changes, one of which is the storage, you get 32GB of RAM on paper but you only have about 23GB available.

On the weight side of things, the Note 4 is slightly lighter than the Note 4 Pro, the Note 4 comes in at 208g


Meet the X-Pen:

Now asides from being able to draw with this, you can also use the X-Pen to do almost everything on the Note 4 Pro.

There is also a feature called Air command that allows you to activate a couple of functions on your smartphone by pressing the button on the X-Pen.


Some of the functions include the ability to take screenshots of any shape using the X-Pen

And my favorite is Screen Write:

To name a few.

The X-Pen needs to be charged, though, and Infinix is promising that you can charge the X-Pen in 20 seconds and use it for 30 minutes, a statement that is quite true.

Which brings me to my dislikes! The smart case is needed to charge the X-Pen, so, if you are not a fan of smart cases you won’t like this one.

But did I mention how gorgeous this smart case looks?

My only complaint is that the smart case makes the phone look large, this is understandable because of the X-Pen slot. I also noticed that Infinix will send constant notifications when your X-Pen’s battery is low, but this can be turned off in the settings. For those wondering, the X-pen won’t work on the Note 4.


Nothing has changed here, you still get the same 5.7FHD display that offers vibrant colors, sunlight visibility is also similar to the Note 4, and the same can be said of the OS and the fingerprint sensor.


As for the cameras, the specs also stay the same with the Note 4 and I was able to capture a couple of macro shots using the rear camera

More picture samples in the video.

For a bit of benchmark, here is a comparison with the S2 Pro.

However, I still don’t like the fact that the Note 4 Pro, just like the Note 4 doesn’t do so well in low light conditions. Video quality is also okay, here is a screenshot from the video recording in the video above.

As for performance, this is equipped with an octa-core MediaTek processor paired with 3GB of RAM, with that you get a smooth multitasking experience and the frame drops noticed during gameplay were not bad.


I compared the Note 4 Pro with the Hot S2 Pro and the Gionee A1 Lite, Check it out. The first image is the Note 4 Pro, second is the A1 Lite and the Hot S2 Pro:

So, what happens when the Gionee A1 Lite, the Note 4 Pro, and the Hot S2 Pro go head to head, find out in the video:

As for the overall battery life, this is also good, you could get up to 2 days of battery life on moderate use. And even when your battery dies, the Note 4 pro comes with x-charge that would allow you to charge the Note 4 Pro from 1% to 100% in 1 Hour 56 minutes.


Slightly above warm, you’d definitely notice the temperature change when playing highly intensive games or charging which is largely due to the metal build.

Finally the AUDIO!

Why not be the judge by listening to it right now, P.S. The audio test between the Note 4 Pro, the Hot S2 Pro and the Note 4 starts at 8:17minutes.

Whew! There you have it guys, what do you think?


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