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The Importance of Regular Backups: How I Lost Some of My Website’s Data Yesterday.

I am sure some of you who visited MissTechy yesterday are wondering where the posts and comments uploaded yesterday disappeared to. Well, server crash happened and I didn’t back up my data!

Before you crucify me for disobeying an important tech commandment.


It would interest you to note that I have a weekly backup plan on MissTechy that usually ends on Monday, this is the only reason I still have something to fall back on

Imagine if I didn’t have them?


Now, even if you don’t have a website, the important data on your phone, laptop(s) need regular backups. In short, back them up now! You never can tell what could happen in the next minute!

Earlier, I used to take weekly backups, but after this incident, daily backup it is!

What then happens to yesterday’s work? Hopefully, my host does something to restore all the data that was lost, if not I am suing their ass!


Lol, just kidding.


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