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If You Think Microsoft Exams Are Tough – Meet The 6-Year Old Who Passed It At First Trial.

Wannabe techies, take note: Here is a story of a six-year-old British boy who has gained a record as one of the youngest people to have passed a Microsoft exam. Hailing from the UK, Humza Shahzad has earned himself a Microsoft Office Specialist certification in the process.

Microsoft Exam

According to BBC  –  his parents have always been keen to promote technology where his life is concerned, Six-year-old Humza Shahzad got his first smartphone at the age of two, and his first laptop six months later. See why it is not so shocking that he passed!

Humza sat for the Word 2013 exam and “passed with flying colors”, making him one of the youngest people to have passed the exam – He was also armed with the ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

He even got recognized  on Microsoft’s Official Facebook Page!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.18.01 AM

So, If you are above 18 and still complaining that Microsoft exams are tough  – You got nothing to complain about now 😀


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